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All of the art works of Barbara Amos develop themes of transition and change.

Barbara’s work is done directly. She does not like to work up a painting from a photograph. She sees them as separate art forms.

Most of her works begin with a desire to be in a certain place for a longer period of time.  It is meditative space and frequently begins with a study that is done on location. Sometimes she returns to that place and studies of varying times of day and season will occur. She says “that being in that place is more important than the work. It may be a bit like fishing.  It doesn’t really matter if you catch anything.  It is all about the experience of just being there, in the grandeur of a simple but exquisite place and time. Such a moment is always on the edge of change.  There is something in that moment; just before it all changes, that is captivating.”






She has done works in steel: the Realidoscope, Calgary 4 St and 26 Ave SW to be installed in spring 2010;  photography  48 linear feet of Realidoscope Photographs, Lois Hole Hospital Edmonton,  Feb 2010   and paint , 90 linear feet of paintings, Cardel Place Calgary, 2004.

When involved with painting, she likes the connection between the eye and the hand. She says that drawing is like a language and it flows from the hand. With time and skill it becomes concise, intuitive, immediate and perceptive. Over time, drawing and painting can become one act, one quick concise recording of perception.